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quirky art by absurd.design

We like playing with APIs (big, medium, & small data) , enjoy genre movies ( hello FantasticFest! ), and in general love to play with technology ( what's next?!? ) .

We hope you find electric.garden useful for keeping in the loop on new developments, learning more about existing devices, or even troubleshooting old standbys... Thanks for visiting our pile of gadget details, data, & documents. Feedback, critiques, or suggestions welcome feedback@electric.garden .

why you should don't need to trust us

Links to original primary sources should be available on grantee & exhibit pages. Look for the original source links & buttons, ex:
search for original FCC source
original source
Our goal is to provide a more friendly, accessable, searchable, & easily linkable reference.

journalistic usage

Permalinks to no-fluff unbranded reader friendly reference pages should be available for most items. Look for the permalink (right-click and 'copy link' for the shortest url version) ex:
permalink for this FCC identifier

absurd art?

We stumbled upon a wonderful artist making quirky "absurd illustrations" that we absolutely fell in love with. We feature their unique art on this page, around the site and in our emails. Kudos and thanks to absurd.design for making the world a prettier place :)


  This product uses the FCC Data API but is not endorsed or certified by the FCC