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What is an FCC id?
An FCC ID is an identifier assigned to all devices subject to certification by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission). The unique identifier consists of two elements, a grantee code and an equipment product code. FCC IDs are required for all wireless emitting devices sold in the United States.
What is an FCC Grantee Code?
An FCC grantee code is either a three or five character alphanumeric string representing the Grantee/Applicant. The code is assigned by the Commission permanently to a company for authorization of all radio frequency equipment and makes up the first portion of an FCC ID. Grantee codes do not contain the numbers 1 (one) and/or 0 (zero). Grantee codes beginning with an alphabetic character (A-Z) are three characters long. The second and third characters may be numbers or alphabetic characters. Grantee codes that begin with a number (2-9) are five characters long. The second through fifth characters may be numbers or alphabetic characters.
What is an FCC Equipment Product Code?
The FCC equipment product code is assigned by the Grantee and may include hyphens and/or dashes (-). The product code is the second portion of an FCC ID and starts after the grantee code.


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