manual for + Slack (or how to use eg without leaving your cozy chat)

Alerts regarding new public releases from the FCC and others can appear nestled right between your Secret Santa bot's gift assignments and coworkers chatting. Could be a scoop, confirm a rumor, or just a curiosity. To get started follow along...

first... you click the "Add to Slack" button up top there
No need to setup an account here first (but if you have one we'll link it so you can manage notifications either place).
second... you select companies (one, many, up to you)
Let us know the companies you're interested in by using the /eg slash command. For example /eg Foo will return info on *checks notes* the remote control for some dapper heated insoles (along with the option to enable notifications for their maker).
then... we'll ping your channel when something new shows up
You can also search past releases and toggle notifications using the /eg slash command at your leisure.
~ account optional, no subscription required ~
Something we didn't think of? Ping us at and we'll be happy to help.


  This product uses the FCC Data API but is not endorsed or certified by the FCC