Barco NV Grantee Code: 2AAED

FRN: 0022728661

FCC ID Applications using Grantee Code: 2AAED by Barco NV

product description fcc id purpose
ClickShare ClickShare 2AAED-R9861600D01 2AAED-R9861511 Class II Permissive Change
ClickShare Button 2AAED-R9861500D01 Class II Permissive Change
product description fcc id purpose
Clickshare CSE-800 2AAED-R9861580 Original Equipment
WiCS-2100 2AAEDWP2117 Class II Permissive Change
Wireless Interactive Presentation Gateway 2AAEDWP16W17 Original Equipment
Wireless interactive Presentation Gateway 2AAEDWP1KP16 Original Equipment
product description fcc id purpose
ClickShare CS-100 2AAED-R9861510 Original Equipment
ClickShare CSE-200 2AAED-R9861520 Original Equipment
SharePod 2AAEDWHE10016 Original Equipment
Wireless Interactive Presentation Gateway 2AAEDWP2KS16 Original Equipment
product description fcc id purpose
ClickShare 2AAED-R9861017 Original Equipment
ClickShare Button 2AAED-R9861500D01 Original Equipment

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FCC Grantee Information

FCC Registration Number (FRN):   0022728661
Business Name:   Barco NV
Physical Address:   President Kennedypark ****
City:   Kortrijk
State:   N/A
Zip Code:  
Country:   Belgium


  This product uses the FCC Data API but is not endorsed or certified by the FCC