ARRIS Grantee Code: GZ5

FRN: 0023147978

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FCC ID Applications using Grantee Code: GZ5 by ARRIS

product description fcc id purpose
Fixed Broadband Gateway GZ5NVG558 Original Equipment
NVG578FHL, NVG578FHLM GZ5NVG578FHL Original Equipment
product description fcc id purpose
Arris NVG44x-Series Gateway GZ5NVG4XX Class II Permissive Change
Arris NVG4xxq-Series Gateway GZ5NVG4XXQ Class II Permissive Change
product description fcc id purpose
ARRIS FTTH GZ5NVG37XXR2 Original Equipment
Arris NVG44x-Series Gateway GZ5NVG4XX Original Equipment
Arris NVG4xxq-Series Gateway GZ5NVG4XXQ Original Equipment
VDSL Gateway GZ5NVG3XXX Original Equipment
product description fcc id purpose
NVG34X Series VDSL2 Gateway GZ5NVG34NX4 Class II Permissive Change
product description fcc id purpose
NVG599 VDSL2 Gateway GZ5NVG599 Class II Permissive Change
product description fcc id purpose
ARRIS NVG595 Fiber Business Gateway GZ5NVG595 Original Equipment
NVG599 VDSL2 Gateway GZ5NVG599 Original Equipment
product description fcc id purpose
NVG589 VDSL2 Gateway GZ5NVG589 Class II Permissive Change
product description fcc id purpose
Motorola NVG510 Voice Gateway GZ5NVG510 Original Equipment
product description fcc id purpose
802.11b/g ADSL Router GZ5334742 Original Equipment
Motorola 802.11n USB Adapter GZ5TERNUSB1 Original Equipment
product description fcc id purpose
ADSL2+ 802.11b/g Ethernet Modem GZ5224742 Original Equipment
product description fcc id purpose
802.11b/g ADSL Router GZ53347 Original Equipment
product description fcc id purpose
Wireless Router GZ54387WG Original Equipment
product description fcc id purpose
802.11b/g ADSL Router GZ53347WG Original Equipment
product description fcc id purpose
Ethernet to Ethernet Router with 802.11b GZ53387W Original Equipment
Wireless ADSL Router GZ53347W Original Equipment

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FCC Grantee Information

FCC Registration Number (FRN):   0023147978
Business Name:   ARRIS
Physical Address:   ****Walsh Ave.
City:   Santa Clara
State:   CA
Zip Code:  
Country:   United States

Company Description

Headquartered in Suwanee, Georgia, ARRIS is a leader in entertainment, communications, and networking technologies. Their mission is to “redefine connectivity” in the rapidly evolving global communications industry. Serving customers worldwide, ARRIS develops, manufactures and supplies cable telephony, video and high-speed data equipment, as well as outside plant construction and maintenance equipment for MSOs. Their innovative offerings combine hardware, software, and services to enable advanced video experiences and constant connectivity featuring high bandwidth, speeds and reliability.

ARRIS operates mainly in three business segments: Customer Premises Equipment, Network & Cloud, and Enterprise Networks. Customer Premises Equipment includes DSL and Cable Modems, Broadband Gateways, Video Gateway and Set-Tops. Network & Cloud includes Cable Modem Termination System (CMTS), Converged Cable Access Platform (CCAP), Passive optical network (PON), Video Systems, Access Technologies, Software and Global Services. Enterprise Networks include Campus Network Switches, Wi-Fi Access Points, Smart Wireless Services and Software, as well as System Management and Control. Two of the company's home telephony modems are the TM402P and the TM502G. They also produce the SBG6580 wireless cable modem-and-router (residential gateway) unit, among other telecommunications and data-transfer products. Solutions the company provides are complemented by a broad array of services, including technical support, repair and refurbishment, and system design and integration.

In April of 2019, ARRIS was acquired by network infrastructure provider CommScope.


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